A mixtape from me to you.

Image credit: duncan creamer

With David MIA this week, I put together a beautiful and shimmering, sometimes sombre mixtape to help keep warm.

  1. Qua – All Breath No Body
  2. Bear in Heaven – Bag of Bags
  3. Arcade Fire – Ready to Start
  4. Kashmir – Surfing the Warm Industry
  5. New Order – Temptation
  6. Thom Yorke – Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses
  7. Lali Puna – Remember
  8. Fourtet – Plastic People
  9. Prefuse 73 + Fourtet – Creating Cyclical Headaches
  10. Junior Boys – Dull to Please
  11. Broadcast – Tender Buttons
  12. Bibio – Kaini Industries

David and I return next week. If you see him before I do, please say ‘hi.’

Image credit: David Creamer via Creative Commons.

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