21st June 2010 – david byrne talks architecture and music, beautiful new track by perfume genius

Perfume Genius

last night was cade’s first show in nearly four months.

the show opened with a haunting track entitled Mr. Petersen by Seattle’s Mike Genius, aka Perfume Genius.

he’s described by The Guardian’s Tim Jonze as:

A 26-year-old bedroom balladeer whose ­intimate, crackle-laden piano pieces sound like Anthony Hegarty getting a glo-fi makeover.

to me, Perfume Genius sounds more like Daniel Johnston smashed together with Sufjan Stevens, and that’s not a bad thing.

due to copyright, i can’t point you to an Awkward-Pause podcast of this song, but here it is on Youtube.

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David Byrne in 1991.
also featured in the show was David Byrne’s riveting 2010 TED talk entitled How architecture helped music evolve. Byrne was a founding member and principal songwriter for the band Talking Heads, and since they broke up has worked on some incredible projects with equally incredible people including Fatboy Slim, Dirty Projectors and Brian Eno.

– –––– –

on a personal note, it’s good to be back. david and i have some really exciting things lined up for the winter season and beyond. stay tuned.

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