episode 1: japan me up (sept. 1, 2008)


sorry for the delay!
i hope you enjoyed last night’s show about post-ww2 japanese music.


  1. haro no umi by sharp five, (haro no umi)
  2. haruyo koi by happy end, (self titled record)
  3. part one by miyako ochi, (oz days live)
  4. woo hoo by the 5, 6, 7, 8’s (bomb the rocks / kill bill soundtrack)
  5. ode to taurus by hiro yanagida (hirocosmos)
  6. rockomotion by hiro yanagida (hirocosmos)
  7. kaze who atsumete by happy end (lost in translation ost)
  8. good bye my friend by morita doji (goodbye)
  9. suki suki daisuki by jun togawa (suki suki daisuki)
  10. doll’s polyphony by geinoh yamashirogumi (akira soundtrack)
  11. komm süsser tod by hideaki anno (end of evangelion)
  12. six three time by BORIS (pink)
  13. new wave jacket by polysics (polysics or die!!!)
  14. we’re talking `bout america by zoobombs (dirty bomb)
  15. einstein created frakenstein by film (pop japanese style)
  16. buche de noel by whitney (pop japanese style)
  17. seishyun sokkyökyoku by sanbomaster (sanbomaster wa kimi ni katarikakeru)
  18. don’t go sleep by susumu yokota (wonder waltz)
  19. drop by cornelius (point)
  20. kimininaritai by tenniscoats (totemo aimasho)
  21. bokura wa mou sora wo tobanaku by RATN (j)
  22. toi et moi by mutyumu (il y a)
  23. you are trembling by morita doji (a boy)

the ‘awkward pause’ styab was a 3 second clip of armchair by andrew bird and it appears on his latest LP, armchair apocrypha.

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-cade. xo

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