episode 2: post rocking…! ( 8 sept 2008 )

thank you for listening tonight. i hope you liked it, slow late night radio is kind of my favourite. sleep well.

tonight we explored post rock music. since post rock musicians tend to have a fetish for powerlines, here is a picture of some powerlines.

powerlines for the win.

  1. Glass Museum by Tortoise (Millions Now Living Will Never Die)
  2. East Hastings by Godspeed You! Black Emperor (F♯A♯∞)
  3. There’s An Oil Tanker Named Condelezza Rice by 1-Speed Bike (El Gallito EP)
  4. Pas a Pas Step Until by Fly Pan Am (N’ecoutez Pas)
  5. The Upwards March by Bell Orchestre (Recording a Tape the Colour Of)
  6. God Bless Our Dead Marines by Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra (Horses in the Sky)
  7. Stretch (You Are All Right) by Tortoise (It’s All Around You)
  8. First Breath After Coma by Explosions in the Sky (The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place)
  9. Sunstorm by This Past Year (Twenty Thirty)
  10. Jets by Decoder Ring (Fractions)
  11. I Know You Are But What Am I? by Mogwai (Happy Songs For Happy People)
  12. Radio Protector by 65daysofstatic (Radio Protector 6”)
  13. Sadako’s Fury by Up C Down C Left C Right C ABC+Start (Shallows 12”)
  14. Acid Food by Mogwai (Mr Beast)
  15. 65 Doesn’t Understand You by 65daysofstatic (One Time For All Time)
  16. Friend of the Night by Mogwai (Friend of the Night EP)
  17. They Made Frogs Smoke ‘Till They Exploded by Múm (Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy)
  18. Saeglopur by Sigur Rós (Takk…)
  19. Outro (Live) by Godspeed You Black Emperor (Song of the Silent Land)

the ‘awkward pause’ id stab is a clip from andrew bird’s armchair apocrypha. the intro ambience was from the silver mount zion song goodbye desolate railyard. both of these clips came from records that i highly recommend.

see you next week, where we talk about european minimialism and acoustic/glitch artists.


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